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Posted by: BA Jan 24 2003, 08:55 PM

Just some info about signatures.

First off, you can find a very brief description of signatures in the Help section. Click on Help in the upper right, then go to the topic Your Control Panel.

Q: What is a signature?
A: A signature is basically a tag line that is automatically tacked on to the end of messages you post.

Q: How do I set one up?
A: Once you are logged in click on My Controls in the upper right. Then on the left of the screen, under Personal Profile, click on Edit Signatures. Next just enter whatever text you want in the box and click on Update my Signature.

Some Tips:
You do not have to enter separator lines or spaces at the top.

For example:

My cool sig

The system will automatically enter one space and the separator line for you. So all you would need to enter in the above case would be:
My cool sig

Signatures are automatically updated on your posts. So if you change your signature it will update on your posts. You do not have to go back and change the signature on your posts.

You can also change the formatting/apperance of your signature, however, that will be discussed in another topic.

That's it! wink.gif

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