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Posted by: davew Apr 19 2004, 03:37 AM

I ran across this recently, it looks familiar.

If you interpret the rice and other carbs as legal, this is SB in a nutshell.


Posted by: Kate Apr 19 2004, 10:22 AM

Thanks Dave! I've been looking for an updated pyramid.

Posted by: CRYSTAL May 8 2004, 07:59 PM

I was looking at the food pyimid, that is a good thing to follow, but I confused on the whole grains-pasta, bread,rice & cereals of 4-8 daily servings. Isn't that a lot of carbohydrates?????????? Just wondering maybe I'm not understanding this right. Pleasee help me ??????? Thanks crystal

Posted by: sam-I-am May 10 2004, 10:14 PM

I personally think that 4-8 servings might be a little excessive if you are trying to lose weight (depending on how active you are). But keep in mind that we are not really trying to eat ?low carb? but rather ?healthy carb?. Whole grain is far better for you than the finely processed stuff. Just the fact that a grain is a grain, it?s going to be naturally high in carbohydrates. On the SB WOE we eat whole grains because they have a less drastic effect on the insulin balance in our system (because whole grains have a lower GI than processed). And the theory being that a high GI triggers more insulin, which in turn triggers weight gain.

I have cut way back on the grain intake just for the purpose of losing weight. But I do intend to put more in my diet once I have reached my goal. Carbohydrates are basically instant energy for your cells. Without the fuel from carbs, our body is forced to use up fat stores for the fuel it needs to function. (Hence the weight loss.) Even vegetables contain some carbohydrates. So I eat a LOT of salad and other fresh veggies. It keeps me from feeling run down and lethargic. And because I?m eating SO much, I certainly don?t feel deprived or like I?m ?dieting?!

Anyway, I?m not sure I even answered any questions for you! I do think that particular food pyramid is the best.

Happy eating!
biggrin.gif Sam

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