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Posted by: Cinderella May 21 2005, 11:22 PM

For those of you interested in helping raise money, Little Ceasers has a plan that you can reach at They help people do fundraising through orginaztions by selling pizza kits and cookie dough. I recently purchased a pizza kit from them with WW crust. It wasn't bad (I made one of them tonight... 3 come in a box). It was sold just as cheese, but you could add whatever toppings you wanted. Since going on this diet, pizza is the one thing that I have REALLY missed and I attempted to make my own crust. It tasted so bad we just ate the toppings off of it and threw it out. SO, I emailed Little Ceasers to see if they were going to start carring this crust in their stores. They don't know. They are doing a trial run in the kit and see how it goes. They said that they did a Low Carb Pizza a few years back but it didn't do well. I pointed out that NO ONE (chain wise) is doing WW crust and they would have the corner on the market. Anyway, the lady I talked with submitted my idea and said that when she hears back one way of the other, she will call me. (she was VERY HELPFULL AND I WAS VERY IMPRESSED). If I hear anything else about it I will let you know. I reminded her that the best thing is WHOLE WHEAT, STONE GROUND> NOT ENRICHED, and she made a note of that on the submission. So, we will have to wait and see. but I wanted to share with you all that if someone you know is doing fundraising selling pizza's, you might want to see if they have WW> I was totally surprised to see it...


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