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Posted by: joan Nov 3 2006, 04:33 AM


I have read the SB book and some of the recipes on this site. The book says to use whole wheat bread, and many of the recipes call for whole wheat breads or muffins, even spagetti. I am diabetic so blood sugar is now a big concern. However, I am very allergic to all wheat and oat products. I have used corn tortillas, corn chips, rice, rice pasta and potato in place of wheat product for a long as I can remember.

Now, I should avoid those products as well. Does anyone know of a bread or pasta that is low gycemic as well as gluten free?


Posted by: easyecm Nov 3 2006, 09:04 AM


There is a bread called Ezekiel 4.9, it is legal and is from the bible.

Here are the ingredients
*Organic Sprouted Wheat, *Organic Sprouted Barley, *Organic Sprouted Millet, Malted Barley, *Organic Sprouted Lentils, *Organic Sprouted Soybeans, *Organic Spelt, Filtered Water, Fresh Yeast, Sea Salt.

You may have a problem with the "sprouted wheat", but not sure.
This bread is legal though.

May I add the possible reason your blood sugars are high, is because of all the rice, spaghetti, potato and corn products.

Not sure of a solution though, maybe someone else here can address that.

Seems difficult to be diabetic and wheat intolerent too!

Good luck,


Posted by: joan Nov 3 2006, 01:01 PM

Thanks for info. I live in a small town and I am sure I will not find that bread here. But, Saturday I am going to a near by "larger" town, so I will look for it there. I may just try a small bit and see if I have any reactions.

Yes, I am sure that the the corn, potato, and rice products are the reason for my blood sugar problems, most of it anyway. My parents are both diabetic, so I have that against me. But, leaving those foods off, I am sure can only help the problem. It just really limits my diet, it's frustrating.

Thanks again,

Posted by: easyecm Nov 4 2006, 11:27 AM

Good luck in finding it.
i know of a few people who follow this woe because of a family history.
those people have done well! Would they have developed the illness if they had not followed this woe?
Hsrd to say, but in following this woe, they have not!
Good luck,

Posted by: molly Nov 4 2006, 01:03 PM


I often use Spelt Bread. I have to buy it at my local health food store. It is quite tasty (especially toasted) and whole grain.


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