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Posted by: autumnphoenix2 Aug 23 2007, 02:48 AM

These turnovers are pretty much amazing. I got the recipe from The All-Natural Sugar-Free Dessert Cookbook by Linda Romanelli Leahy. The only "bad" thing that I noticed is the puff can't really get whole-wheat puff pastry (as far as I know). These are SO good, though... laugh.gif

2 medium apples (~2 cups) pared and shredded
2 tsp cornstarch
1 tsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 sheet thawed puff pastry
1/4 cup apple butter
1 large egg white, lightly beaten

Preheat oven to 350; spray baking sheet with vegetable cooking spray if it is not nonstick. Set aside.

In medium bowl, combine apples, cornstarch, lemon juice, and cinnamon; set aside.

On lightly floured surface, roll pastry into 12 x 16 in. rectangle. Using a ruler as a guide, cut 12 4-in. squares. Brush each square liberally with apple butter. Spoon a heaping tbsp of apple mixture in the center of each squre; fold in half diagonally. Seal by pressing fork tines around edges. Brush each turnover with egg white; place on prepared sheet.

Bake about 25 mintues or until brown and crispy; turn onto rack to cool.


Posted by: easyecm Aug 23 2007, 09:37 AM

Looks good,
But the cornstarch and the puff pastry (from white flour?) would not make it right for me!

Posted by: autumnphoenix2 Aug 23 2007, 02:13 PM

Yes, I mentioned in the original post that the puff pastry is from regular flour....but as a once-in-awhile treat, personally, I am willing to splurge!

I haven't looked into it much, but can't you sub in arrowroot powder for cornstarch? So if someone wanted to rid of cornstarch, you could probably do that.

Posted by: molly Aug 23 2007, 03:31 PM

yikes too many illegals for me ... white flour, cornstarch plus the sugar in the apple butter. These are all trigger foods for me. I'd be thrown right into a starch/sugar binge if I ate these. These look great but I don't imagine I would be able to handle them.

(Yes, you can use arrowroot as a sub for cornstarch and it is possible sometimes to find SF apple butter.)


Posted by: autumnphoenix2 Aug 24 2007, 11:56 PM


If you really want to make these, but you believe that there are too many illegals for you, here are some changes you can make:

1. Make your own puff pastry using whole wheat flour. Find a simple recipe online, such as the one that I have linked here, and try to sub in WW flour instead of reuglar flour:
I don't know if it will work the same with WW flour (I don't really know the difference between flours when you cook), but I'd be willing to try (when I decide to make these again).

2. Use arrowroot powder instead of cornstarch.

3. 1/4 c apple butter seemed like a lot when I was making the turnovers (even though it's spread out over all 12 turnovers). Here are your options:
a) Use less apple butter
cool.gif Make your own with Stevia. I don't know the recipe off hand, but in this book:, you can find a recipe for it.
c) Find a recipe for it online, such as this one: That recipe is a no-sugar added recipe for apple butter.
d) Leave it out, but it might not taste as apple-y. Or, find something else through experimentation that tastes good.


Posted by: easyecm Aug 25 2007, 09:14 AM

But I dont think I will spend that much time to make all the parts of the recipe.
But, it does sound good!

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