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Posted by: Cinderella Jul 20 2017, 10:11 PM

I have found that you can use ARROWROOT POWDER as a sub. for Corn starch. I am attempting to avoid all corn products as they seem to mess with my blood sugar levels too much. BUT it's hard because so many recipes call for Corn Starch, or FLOUR for thickening. TRY Arrowroot Powder. I buy mine in "bulk" from Atlantic Spice Company. I use it to thickening my sauce for a crustless Strawberry pie.

Next time I make gravy I am going to try it instead of FLOUR. We will see. It is an option.

Posted by: CRYSTAL Aug 17 2017, 02:04 AM

Hey Cinderella, I was glad to see someone post something current. I have come back to my old forum. I have tried other diets and have come back to sugar busters. I love this plan. I wish this forum was as active as it used to be. But am glad it is still here an can still get the recipes.

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