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Full Version: Coconut Macaroons
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2 Egg whites
1/2 ts Vanilla
pinch Salt
2/3 c Splenda
1 1/3 c Flaked unsweetened coconut

Yield: 23 servings

These macaroons are a mix between a macaroon and a meringue and they are very light. By the way, I have frozen them and they are fine.

Grease cookie sheet. Beat egg whites, vanilla and salt until soft peaks form. Slowly add Splenda and beat until stiff peaks form. Fold in coconut gently. Drop by teaspoonful onto cookie sheet. Bake at 350 F for 20 minutes.

do you think the cookie would be ok if you left out the coconut? I'm not a fan of coconut, but sure like trying different recipes. I'm experimenting with sugar free oatmeal cookies. Not bad...

Shelley in Texas cool.gif
Shelley, you'd probably have to add something to keep the egg whites together, Maybe finely ground almonds or another nut would work. Let me know tongue.gif if it works!

Your answer reminds me that years ago, I had a WW recipe that used egg white and cereal. I guess I need to experiment with that too. I'll let you know......

Shelley in Texas
Hey Kate,

I've been dying for something like this, but chocolate. Do you think the addition of some cocoa powder would work?

- Joanna
Yum, cocoa powder added would maybe taste like a Mounds. A little experimenting couldn't hurt biggrin.gif I wonder if making a loose paste with a little water and a touch of vanilla would work? Hmmm, maybe not, too much liquid.....
I have GOT to find unsweetened coconut somewhere! I saw some a while ago and now I can't remember where, and it's bugging me. I wanted to experiment with a bundt cake recipe that's chocolate with a tunnel of coconut running thru it and I haven't been able to find it!
Kate or anyone,

Where do you buy the unsweetened coconut and is there a particular brand? Have just got home from Super WalMart and Ingles and all either of them had was sweetened coconut. They had Baker's brand in several forms (bag, can, etc) but all was sweetened as was Ingles' brand. I also looked at the frozen coconut and although it did not say "sweetened" on the front, when I read the ingredients it was coconut and sugar.

I want to try the coconut macaroon recipe, but I'm trying to stay "legal" on SB.

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