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Full Version: Carb Sense Foods / Low-glycemic Corn Starch
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The local WalMart has just devoted a small section to low-carb items including lots of Atkins products. They also had several types of mix from a company called Carb Sense Foods. (Haven't checked the website out, but the box said it is I looked at several of the products, but most contained corn starch (low-glycemic). Have never heard of low-glycemic corn starch. Does anyone know anything about it?

There was a cookie mix that contained 17 carbs per serving and the first three ingredients were:
almond flour
inulin <I don't know what it is, but the spelling here is not a typo>
corn starch (low-glycemic)

I didn't buy any of the products because I want to be sure it is acceptable on SB. Any comments?
I found this about inulin at a wesite for yogurt that has inulin added,

Inulin is a natural dietary fiber present in common fruits and vegetables like artichokes, asparagus, onions, garlic, raisins and bananas. It's a prebiotic-which means scientifically proven to increase the activity of live active cultures (beneficial bacteria) and help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. Inulin has also been proven to be a good source of soluble dietary fiber and is well suited for diabetics because it does not increase the glucose level or insulin level in the blood. And, recent research has shown that inulin significantly increases the absorption of calcium.

Thanks, Dave I was going to do a search for inulin but got so busy looking for recipes that I had forgot all about it. Sounds like it might be beneficial. Hopefully it will turn out that the low-glycemic corn syrup is OK too.

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