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Full Version: Sgww Bread
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Here is some info I have on breads that may help. It's wheat gluten that helps make it rise. when using SGWW (or other whole grain flour) add 1 1/2 to 3 tsps gluten per cup of flour. Many recipes will already call for the gluten. Vital wheat gluten and wheat gluten are the same thing. However Vital wheat gluten FLOUR is a different product and shouldn't be confused.

I have a whole wheat recipe that I'll be trying next week. It calls for molasses so I ordered some dark agave to substitute. Just awaiting delivery
Here is the recipe if someone else wants to try too. I'll post once I make it and tell you how it turns out. I have a few more I'm going to try too and will post them as I try.

For this bread use the finest grind of SGWW you can find. Because of the large amount of this flour used your machine must have a Whole Wheat cycle or it will labor too much and possibly damage it.

3/4 cup water
3/4 cup milk
2 tbsps canola oil
1/4 cup light molasses (I'll substitute agave)

4 cups SGWW flour
3 tbsps gluten
1 3/4 tsp salt

1 tbsp SAF yeast
1tbsp plus 1/2 tsp bread machine yeast

Place all ingredients in pan according to the order your machine requires. (mine takes all liquids first) Set crust for medium, whole wheat cycle and press start.
DO NOT use delay feature for this recipe.

When complete immediately remove from pan and cool on rack.

This recipe is from the Bread Lovers Bread Machine cook book. Obviously something I bought long before SB!! I can't wait to try this and expect my agave by Tues. If I'm lucky I'll have a good bread I can eat my leftover turkey sandwich with!!

Hope this helps

Rich & Patricia
I was told by a pastry chef that if you put whole wheat flour in a food processor for a few seconds if will make it into a finer grade of flour. However won't that defeat the the purpose of using whole wheat flour? Using a fine grade would cause the flour to be absorbed in your body quicker..... Just a question for thought.
I finally made this bread. It is WONDERFUL if I say so myself. I used just slightly less than 1/4 cup dark agave. I had a 25 minute power outage in the middle of the baking cycle and it was still great. Real crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.

I know it's still bread so I can't have a ton of it but I'm so tempted to eat the whole thing! The recipe makes a 1 and 1/2 pound loaf.

Hi, I just started SB and don't know what SGWW flour is (I am sure I can keep searching, but do you mind filling me in?) and have never used Agave. Where do you buy it? Thanks--looking forward to ditching the sugar!
SGWW is Stone Ground Whole Wheat (flour). It is generally the best for this Way of Eating (WOE). Steel grinding (the alternative to stone ground) is capable of much smaller particle size, which your body can digest much faster. It can also be set to be as coarse as stone ground, but you can't tell from the label. The removal of the outer shell of the wheat (no longer whole wheat) removes many nutrients, so enrichments are added back. This is a big indicator of over processing. Usually the first enrichment is Niacin; if it is in an ingredient list, the flour is enriched.

Agave is derived from a cactus of the same name, has characteristics much like honey, but is slow to digest which makes it legal.

I can't tell you where to buy it, there have been several posts that discuss that, you may want to search for agave using the search function. I think that's at the bottom of the page.

Welcome to SB!
SGWW is "Stone ground whole wheat" and is probably one of the only "legal" flours to eat on SB. Any bread you make or buy should be made with this flour. Pepperidge Farm makes a good one I like and several people have mentioned their favorite brands throughout the forum.

Agave is a natural liquid sweetner from a cactus. It is legal on SB and an excellent substitute for honey or sugar. Many health food stores will carry it. I have no health food store so I bought mine at

This is an excellent forum where all of your questions will be answered. I'm still new to this and come to the forum every day for one thing or another. Have a look around and post your questions, someone will always answer!

Looks like Dave posted while I was writing mine. See what I mean by always getting an answer? biggrin.gif

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