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Full Version: Plantains With Chocolate
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1 ripe plantain - sliced in half then length-wise twice (gives you eight slices)
2 small Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate

Break up the chocolate. Spread chocolate over half the plantain slices and cover with the other half. Microwave on high for 1 1/2 minutes.

Serves 2.

Great for an occasional treat!
Hello furperson

Welcome aboard!

Please excuse my ignorance but what are plantains?

Love lolly
They're a lot like bananas but not quite as sweet. You can serve them as I have said, but another way is to slice them into disks green (after you peel them smile.gif and saute them in butter - great starch for a meal.

I think the best place to find them if you don't have them in your grocery store is at a mexican grocers. They should be next the bananas. Do a google image search on plantains - you'll get many ideas.

Lolly....glad you asked before I did, because I didn't know either! laugh.gif laugh.gif
Sounds good, but plantains are almost as bad as bananas! Bananas have a GI of 84 and plantians have a GI of 74! I think that anything under 55 is considered low. These treats should be VERY infrequent.
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