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Full Version: Bryers Carb Smart Ice Cream
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I have been enjoying Bryer's Carb Smart ice cream for a while now, but I just ran into some new flavors this past weekend. They now have Mint Chocolate Chip and Butter Pecan. The Mint Chocolate Chip made my day (chocolate, vanilla and strawbery are good, but I really like my mint).

I checked the bryer's website and they don't seem to have any info on the new flavors yet. The texture is just like their regular mint chocolate chip and I can't tell the difference. At only 4 net carbs per 1/2 cup serving the GI on this desert should also be pretty low. Info on the Carb Smart ice cream can be found here.

I have also tried out the new low carb Ben and Jerry's ice cream, but found it quite hard (you can put it in the microwave, but it still isn't quit right).

I have only been able to find the new Bryers flavors in the Giants food stores locally (Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC area). Enjoy!
I don't think my husband could survive without icecream!! We have tried the Bryer's SF, Carb Rite, Sugar Busters, and Kemp's SF. So far, our favorite is the Kemp's SF (except for the Chocolate Brownie or Chocolate Carmel, I can't remember the exact name - the flavor is good, but the texture is gritty).

When we were on Atkins last year, we had to give up nearly all desserts, especially icecream - my husband was most unhappy. This year on SB WOE, we have a lot more choices like the sf icecreams, sf puddings, and a better understanding of how to alter old favorites to be sb legal.

My sister-in-law found a quick and easy pudding alternative:
Put a swirl of Ready-Whip whip cream in a small bowl and sprinkle your choice of sugar-free pudding mix (dry) on top of the ready whip and eat. There is no mixing or waiting for it to set-up. It was really tasty!
Hello all:

They have the low carb Bryers here in the Dallas area at Wal Mart. I think other stores are getting it, but it was only $3.15 at Wal Mart.

She In Texas
Hi guys! I LOVE ice cream, but the SF versions just don't sit right with me. I've noticed that it causes abdominal problems for me (bloating, gassiness), and I'm only eating about 1/3 cup. Just be careful!!

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