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Full Version: Can I Rant?
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I was in the grocery store last night and happened across a Time magazine whose cover story was a profile on low-carb diets. I looked through it and it looked pretty even-handed, but then on my way to work this morning I saw a blurb on the USA Today about how expensive low-carb foods are. "Do you have to be rich to be thin?" the article asked. This on top of other media 'reports' on low-carb diets in general and Adkins in particular.
Enough already!
Geeze, if you don't want to do low-carb, don't do it! I've noticed these articles alternate with the "America is getting fatter" ones. dry.gif rolleyes.gif So along comes a diet that works and the media is going nuts. Make up your mind! mad.gif
BTW, I haven't noticed huge jumps in my grocery bill because I buy some low-carb foods. If I see a jump in my Weekly Contribution to the American Farmer, it's because grocery prices in general have gone up.
I agree, Dawn..... biggrin.gif
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