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I found a recipe recently on how to grow your own sprouts. Having industrious 5 and 3 year old children, I thought we'd try it. COULDN'T HAVE BEEN EASIER!! And we've been enjoying the freshest alfalfa sprouts we've ever eaten. It was fun for the kids, too.

Seeds are available at most healthier stores in bulk. You'll need a large clear glass jar, square sides is ideal since it will sit on its side; a piece of flexible screen or mesh (I used 3 layers of fine tulle from a fairy halloween costume wink.gif ), and a large rubber band.

Soak seeds in water in the jar fitted with mesh and rubber band, in a 1 part seed to 3 parts water ratio for 6-8 hours (start before bed time, for example). Then pour out water through the mesh and drain well. Shake jar sideways the spread seeds along side of jar. Lay jar on its side in a cupboard or somewhere warm and dark, or keep on counter covered well with a thick towel. Morning and night for the next few days, run water into the jar through the mesh and then pour out and drain well. In 2-3 days you'll have a bunch of sprouts. Leave them out on the counter another 1-2 days (still rinsing and draining a.m. and p.m.) to grow the little green tops and increase the chloriphyl (sp?). Refrigerate for several days, maybe rinsing and draining well every other day (if you can keep them that long). You can do this with many types seeds, beans, lentils, etc. I'm sure there is an abundance of info on the internet.

I have been putting these things on my sandwiches, using them for the base of salads instead of lettuce, etc. Next I will sprout some wheat and experiment with making sprouted wheat bread.

I hope you enjoy this fun and tasty project!

Thanks Anita! I LOVE fresh sprouts, and have considered growing my own but was never quite sure how to go about it. This would make a great project for my kids... and maybe even get them to eat sprouts! wink.gif

I would love to grow my own mushrooms, too. We have a nice dark basement that would be perfect for it. But I know from experience (my parents were very much the 'grow your own food' kind of people back in the 1970's), that if you aren't careful you will have mushrooms growing everywhere! Especially if you live in a very humid climate. You have to pick them before they go to spore. Because once those little rascals get into the air, you will have mushrooms growing in the weirdest places - like your bathroom, under the kitchen sink... in the laundry hamper! blink.gif Nothing grosses out houseguests quicker than your carpet sprouting mushrooms in the corners of the living room!

On second thought, maybe I'll just stick with the bean sprouts. tongue.gif
Sam, I hope you have great success! This same book has a recipe to make Diastatic Malt to use as a natural no sugar sweetener. You sprout wheat berries to about 1/2 inch, then dry them slowly in a low oven to a crunchy state, then pulverize to powder in a food processor or blender. I'd like to try this as well as their sprouted wheat bread recipe. Happy sprouting!!!!


p.s., I dated a guy in college who had a mushroom growing in his living room carpet! That was the end of that... dry.gif
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