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Full Version: Sf Donuts
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Well, after several tries, I finally received my donut pan for baking them on Saturday. The pan holds six donuts at a time. It came with a recipe. All I did was substitute fructose for sugar and wheat flour for white flour. It was simple to put together - just following the directions. My biggest challenge was the frosting. These donuts are a cake type so they really needed a frosting - which I didn't have - I didn't want to use powdered sugar. What I did (and need to improve on) was to spray them with Pam and heavily sprinkle with Splenda. I brought them to work for my testers to try. I think by putting them in containers shortly after baking, it made the splenda on top melt. I think I need to let them completely cool before closing the lid.
The comments ranged from good, sweet enough to tastes like a muffin. I personally had two and really liked them. I think next time I might try drizzling dark chocolate on them.

Shelley In Texas

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Shelley, if you ever get that recipe perfected be sure to post it here! I love fresh donuts. biggrin.gif

I did a little experimental ?baking? this weekend, too. Made a SF key lime cheesecake. No-bake style. It turned out okay. Way too sweet for my taste (used Splenda), but my husband loves it. Of course this is the guy, who when we were first married, ate jelly straight out of the jar with a spoon. I have fortunately broken him of that habit! But he still has that sweet tooth. Or his ?sugar fang? is what I call it. wink.gif

He?s trying very hard to convert to the Sugar Busters WOE. He?s still a little confused though. He thinks if it?s ?low carb? it?s legal. It has taken a couple of weeks but he is finally starting to look past the carb count on the label and actually read the ingredients. One small step for a man, one giant leap for womankind! rolleyes.gif Ha ha!

Anyway, I?m going to change a few things about the cheesecake recipe the next time I make it. I?ll let you all know how that goes!
cool.gif Sam
The recipe is probably the same as all donut recipes, but I think they key here is the pan so you can bake the donuts instead of deep frying.

I plan on making another batch on Monday night, to bring in on Tuesday.

You key lime cheesecake sounds good. My train of thoughts now is SUBSTITUTING. A few weeks ago I made, what I called, a low sugar jello dish. It's theme was red, white and blue - red jello, blue jello and whipped topping. One of the problems I faced was that Jello does not make sugar free blue jello - only sf red jello - so my dish was only partly sf!
I made my own graham cracker crust with spenda. Next layer is blue jello which is jelled, then the whipped topping then the red sf jello. Was pretty good even though the blue wasn't sugar free. I might make it this weekend.
There was a recipe in this weeks coupons for jello, fruit and pound cake. I thought about making that, but substituting sf angel food cake instead of pound cake - sf jello and fruit. I'll have to see how my weekend goes.

Have a good day!

Shelley In Texas

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