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Full Version: Sooo...has Anyone Tried It?
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The 'low-carb' Coke or Pepsi that is? I was telling some people at the local dog park about its dirty little secret--when I mentioned that it was loaded with HFCS, one of the ladies made a face. tongue.gif Don't think she'll be trying it! I know I'm not. I'm more of an iced tea fiend anyway, plus cold water with a lemon half in it is good drinking. cool.gif
We purchased the low carb coke product for our employees. I took the new can and the regular can and compared. The carbs and sugars a lower - but still has a lot of both. Diet Riet has Splenda and no carbs. It's my second best choice. I'm an admitted Pepsi haulic.!

Shelley In Texas
QUOTE (DawnStorm @ Mon, 12 Jul 2004 15:27)
The 'low-carb' Coke or Pepsi that is?

Goodness no! Yeah, it has HALF the sugar, but that's still way more than I allow myself in a whole month!

BTW, I'm a tea fiend, too! wub.gif I couldn't make it through the day without it.
cool.gif Sam
Have you tried Wyler's brand Peach Green Tea? I found it at Kroger where you find the Crystal the tall thin cannisters...individual packets make 2 qts. Less expensive than CL and IMHO has a better taste.

I LOVE peach tea, and this is good, although not as good as the Peach Tea from The Republic of Tea!! (I used to carry that brand in our shop, and hubby wanted to drink all I ordered of it!! sad.gif )

Diet Hansens is made with Splenda and the Kiwi-Strawberry is really good. I know the SB woe says most sweetners, but Aspartame is really toxic stuff.
Trader Joe's carries Diet Hansens for $1.89/six, if you are lucky enough to have one in your area.
Ok...update on the Wyler's. There is a little sugar in it. Do what you need to do...drink it once awhile if you can/want. Just read the label and let your conscience be your guide.

Last month I attended a party at a friends house. She had the best peach lemon aid I ever tasted (after 3 glasses of the stuff, I had a sugar high for the rest of the day!) I decided that I needed a legal substitute, so I started looking for sf peach flavoring/syrup. I found one by Luzianne that is really good when added to sf lemonaid. I costs less than $2 a bottle and it flavors about 3-4 pitchers of lemon aid depending on how "peachy" you want it. They also have a rasberry flavor that i haven't tried yet, but plan on soon.
Actually, if you shop around (usually in the health foods or organic section of the store), Hansens has diet kiwi-strawberry, a citrus flavor (I forget which one), black cherry, peach, ginger ale, and root beer. My mom likes me to pour her a glass of the peach with about a teaspoon of Bacardi Gold.... =)
I noticed when I drink excessive amounts of water I don't have an urge to drink other things...does anyone else have this experience? I was never much of a soda person though (except Coke in a glass bottle...they taste different than canned or plastic)
When I do drink teas Snapple Diet Peach Ice Tea is great...
I drink about 80 oz of water a day plus a glass or two of Iced Peppermint Tea.

Usually I have one can of Diet Rite in the afternoon at work. I love the Diet Rite White Grape although the Raspbery & the Tangerine are good too. Plus they are not expensive. The 12 pack is a little over $3.00.

Arizona Tea makes a yummy No Carb White Cranberry Apple Green Tea. It's a bit pricy but a nice treat.

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