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Okay, first off let me make it perfectly clear that I do NOT condone the use of diet pills. And have never in my life used them. But just out of curiosity, I used a free sample pack I got in the mail from Trim Life.

The sample was a 7 day trial of their "all natural" product that is called Ephedrine Free Advanced Fat Loss. It does say on the package that "to receive the desired benefits, this product should be used in conjunction with a well-balanced diet and exercise program". Since I am already eating a well-balanced diet and, though minimal, do participate in some form of exercise - I figured if it's going to work I'm going to see results.

Well, 7 days later, I can't say that it did not work. I did lose 1 pound. But if that was a result of the product, I don't know. One thing I noticed about taking the 2 (huge) pills every morning is that they have a slight diuretic effect within an hour of consumption. There are ingredients that add caffeine to the product, so that is probably the reason for the frequent bathroom trips. But most importantly I noticed a higher than normal level of active energy later in the day. This I did not contribute to caffeine because I process it very quickly, and that morning cup of coffee will put me to sleep around 1 PM! However, by 2 o'clock I was hopping all over the place. And this energy lasted until well into the evening. I think I cleaned out more closets this week! I even started organizing the basement. In fact I would rate my energy at an almost euphoric level. But not jittery or nervous... just happily active.

So if the actual weightloss was a result of the increased energy - then the product worked. All that said, I personally would not spend the money to use this product every day. Not for the minimal weight loss I experienced. Now to get that level of energy! - well, even then it's a bit pricey. I think I'll look in the health food store for an herbal supplement that offers the energy boost without the caffeine.

smile.gif Sam
caffeine is known to help weight loss

I personally stay away from it if I can because of the other effects it has wink.gif
Well, now. If it gave Sam that amount of energy, I'd settle for 1/2 as much energy!! It's 3:45 Sunday afternoon and I'm ready for a siesta!
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