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Full Version: Low Carb Diets On Their Way Out
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This according to some media accounts I've read. Atkins is the one most mentioned. dry.gif Us Sugar Busters of course, will carry on. biggrin.gif
I guess i'd have to disagree with the media on this one ... reduced carb plans may evolve but the science behind them and the success rate all seem stable to me...if they were on their way out there wouldn't be so many variations... seems like there is a new one everyday.

Who trusts the media anyway? LOL!

molly smile.gif
QUOTE (DawnStorm @ Dec 21 2004, 03:47 PM)
This according to some media accounts I've read.  Atkins is the one most mentioned.  dry.gif Us Sugar Busters of course, will carry on.  biggrin.gif

Hi DawnStorm my name is Katy and I totally agree with you. Im diabetic and when I was on Atkins for a couple of weeks my sugar went too low and I got sick. So when I found SB it was a God send! I can still have some carbos in moderation and not feel deprived! Amen!

Personally, I hope that low carb diets don't go out of "style". Ever since they've started, there sure have been alot more legal foods available for us SugarBusters. Although I don't agree with their concept, shopping is much more fun now! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
I don't consider Sugarbusters a "low carb" diet either, more a "moderate carb" one, but then I've just started (11 day of no refined sugar, no white flour). However, after reading the books, I'm confused by the "legalness" of sweeteners ... well, bread anyhow ... I used the SB shopping guide looking for foods that would meet my own desired criteria of no refined sugar (and no white flour) ... the shopping guide mentioned Ezkial (sp?) sprouted bread but some of it has maltose and other sweeteners the book says not to eat ... the one I got (on the list) says there is no sugar, but the product has malted barley ... the shopping guide lists this as something that can have an adverse glycemic effect, yet it lists the bread as one to buy, that confuses me. Also, is malted barley a refined sugar?

Another thing are the sugar alcohols ... people I know on both Atkins and Sugarbusters are eating these like mad ... yet Sugarbusters says to limit them ... are these refined sugars?

Anyhow, sorry for all the queries, and hi!
Hi Artemis, and welcome!! Wow you sure ask a lot of good questions! I can't answer them all, but others will eventually help out with this.

I'm of the "absolutely no sugar and no refined flour" school of thought. I eat as little of both as what is humanly possible. Not because I crave either (anymore), but because it is very hard to buy food in today's world that does NOT contain either of those. In this scenario, all one can do is go with the lesser evil, and use common sense + moderation.

In the process of making bread, the bakers use some kind of sugar to feed the yeast so that a lighter and more "airy" bread is produced. This has to be mentioned on the ingredients label, but fortunately the yeast do eat a great deal of it before the baking process. However, some bread manufacturers add extra sugar to the recipe (more than the yeast can consume) to lighten the flavor. Avoid any whole wheat bread that has extra sugars added (honey, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, etc).

Barley is a grain. I use it in place of brown rice because it has almost half the GI value! This is a quote I found online about "malted barely":

"Malted barley is a naturally processed form of barley. The grain is steeped in water and allowed to begin sprouting. This germination creates enzymes which are required to convert starch to fermentable sugar."

The enzymes in the malted barley feed the yeast. So this is legal and probably more so than bread made with sugar!

Sugar alcohols I know little about, only that they are slower to metabolize in the system (this is what makes them legal in small quantities). Sugar alcohols do have a laxative effect in many people, so the "moderation" warning is well placed!

All in all, the best I can tell you is to prepare as many meals from fresh ingredients as possible. The food manufacturers are out to sabotage us with prepackaged foods that are high in sugar and refined carbohydrates. When I decided to use Sugar Busters as my "food mantra" I basically had to learn to cook all over again! I had relied for so long on "convenience foods". But I'm so glad I took that step! I feel so much better, and my doctor is well impressed with my new, healthier test results.

smile.gif Sam
Thank you, Sam! I appreciate the info and advice. I'm glad my Ezkiel (sp?) bread with the malted barley is ok ... I actually had never heard of malted barley ...

I'm glad to read that about your creed of "absolutely no refined sugar and no refined flour." It reinforces what I've been experiencing ... I've only been doing SB for 11 days ... my weight stats are 247 (highest), 156 (current), 135 (goal) ... the weight loss has been gradual over several years, but I haven't been able to stick to my moderate cals for a long time (although exercise goes well) and even when I did, I wasn't able to lose weight ... and I was torturing myself with cravings and binges and trying to medicate work and life stress with cupcakes, donuts, candy ... blood sugar soaring ... family history of diabetes ... not a sane way to live ... looked at some "programs" that were supposed to reduce sugar cravings by reducing sugar gradually but decided to just stop eating it (duh) ... happened on the Sugar Busters books a few days after I dropped the refined sugar/white flour ... these are perfect guidelines for what I'm trying to accomplish ... 11 days into it and after the first 24 hours ... food cravings gone, appetite normal ... but I have a long way to go to learn to cook better and sort out the right things to eat.

Didn't mean to write a book here. Thanks. smile.gif
GOOD FOR YOU!!! Sounds like you're doing great! Keep it up! Just be cautioned that sometimes you have a plateau...that's normal, so don't get discouraged. If you want to break the plateau of weight-loss, then you may need to tweak your intake (cut back on bready carbs and/or dairy, and increase water and exercise). Just keep remembering that regardless of the weight loss, this is a VERY healthy way to eat, and one that you can do for life!

Keep posting and don't worry about "the novel"'ll find many of us get long-winded. Sometimes it helps to "dump" here or get advice, etc... That's what we're here for!

If you haven't done so, you might want to add a post under BIO to allow us to get to know you a little better...whatever you'd like to share. (I liken it to what I see on TV when they open up an AA meeting... laugh.gif laugh.gif

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