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DH has the Forbes alert thing installed and it just popped up about a lawsuit against Splenda...

NEW YORK - In the headlines this afternoon, a lawsuit alleges that Johnson & Johnson is sugar-coating Splenda to consumers.

The Sugar Association, Merisant Worldwide, which makes rival artificial sweeteners Equal and Canderel, and a group of individuals have filed three class-action suits against J&J's (nyse: JNJ - news - people ) McNeil Nutritionals Worldwide unit. They claim McNeil misleads consumers into believing Splenda is a natural product.

OK...since it doesn't come right out of the ground or out of an animal, it's GOT to be "natural" could it be?!
OMG! It's not natural?! That's it - I want in on this lawsuit!! JJ, of course. Any wonder why our judicial system is out of control?

smile.gif Pam
OMG!!! I have never thought that Splenda was all natural. It says right on the package that it's MADE from sugar. Made means processed. The public wants to assume no responsibility for educating themselves and being able to use common sense! Since when does "made" mean natural? That just infuriates me. That's why I don't buy into it, when I read these "warnings" that Splenda is bad for you, and it causes all these health problems. Who is writing this stuff and why should I believe them over anybody else? How do I know that it's not just a way to get people to buy the other sweeteners?
You're right...everybody has an angle for wanting you to believe what they're saying...especially when they have deep pockets and a savyy marketing department!

Did you see the thing on TV yesterday about the Esuvee? It's a "monster" truck?! That is part of a settlement involving Ford who was accused of creating a social environment for making the 18 - 34 year old males think they're invincible when they drive SUV's, making those males more likely to be involved in rollover crashes!! OK - so, do these guys ever get a brain installed so they can think for themselves?! Why not also sue the cable companies for carrying those ads and making them available? What about the magazines? I truly believe our judicial system has gone awry and you're right...whatever happened to personal responsibility?!

OK - that was PART TWO of JOANIE'S SOAPBOX!! mad.gif
I caught the tail end of that commercial and couldn't figure out what the point was. unsure.gif huh.gif I'll watch for it again. Hubby tried going to the website; but it was down at the time. I didn't care for the commercial because it was loud and obnoxious among other things. I couldn't agree with you more...personal responsibility!
QUOTE (jokeje @ Feb 2 2005, 05:15 AM)
  I truly believe our judicial system has gone awry and you're right...whatever happened to personal responsibility?!

OK - that was PART TWO of JOANIE'S SOAPBOX!!  mad.gif

Personal responsibility--whatta concept! ohmy.gif
I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I hear about lawsuits against fast food places. I've never seen Ronald McDonald shove a gun into someone's back and force them into a McDonald's. As far as I know people go into a McD's on their own free will, and as far as kids are concerned, can't the parents say no?
Now, DawnStorm, that's just too harsh! We can't blame those poor people! Don't you realize that if there were no fast food places to taunt them and tempt them and lure them in, then they wouldn't have gone there in the first place? laugh.gif

Truly, it is so sad that people are not held responsible for their decisions and actions any more. Also, back to the Splenda/sugar industry lawsuit, I'm so excited to know that so many people have stopped using sugar. How awesome is that? smile.gif I'm sorry for the people that work in the sugar industry (sugar cane is a major crop around here), but what a sad commentary on our society that the way they handle the change in people's diets is to sue the companies with healthy alternatives! A little warped, if you ask me. wink.gif


That was a taste of Pam's soapbox for the day! laugh.gif
Splenda must be kicking their backsides up and down the supermarket aisle?

Maybe if they produced something that tastes as good as Splenda they could compete! Even C2 Coke has Splenda in it...I wonder when Coke will go all the way?

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