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Full Version: Spinach Salad
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Hi, people!!

Last night I made spinach salad with HOT bacon dressing.

Now you have to understand ... I don't measure anything but here's a guesstimation!! biggrin.gif

1 bag baby spinach leaves
6 large mushrooms (sliced)
fresh parmasan cheese (good handful)
1/2 lb. lean bacon (cooked till crunchy and crumbled in paper towels)
6 hard boiled eggs (diced)

Okay...fry the bacon and save the grease. Put spinach, mushrooms, cheese, eggs and bacon in large bowl.

Add to skillet of bacon grease: olive oil, vinegar and splenda to taste. (Should be on the sweet/sour side.)

Pour over salad and toss. MMMMMMMMMM!! smile.gif
This sounds good. Here's a variation that will make it a full meal:

Wash and dry a Salmon Fillet, season with salt and pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice if desired. Cook in baking dish at 425 for 10 minutes per inch of thickness of the fish.

The same recipe will work on a grill that has a lid, like most gas grills or a Weber style. Indirect heat, no need to turn the fish. A little smoke flavor is good.

Cut into serving sizes, about 1 inch wide; lay the salmon on top of the salad.

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