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Full Version: A Newbie Needs Some Help
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blink.gif Can I use blacken seasoning & butter on my protein?
In general, yes you can blacken your protein, such as fish or chops.

I'd read the ingredient list of the blackening seasonings to be sure there isn't sugar theree, but I can't imagine why there would be.

I have a jar of seasoning for blackening, it contains the following:

Spices and paprika, salt, dehydrated onion and garlic, silicon dioxide to prevent caking.

All of these are OK.

Dave, would there be any cancer concerns with blackening protein?

Guess I'm asking because of "hearing" for so many years that charring meats on a grill can be carcinogenic (sp?) ... dunno, wonder if anything has ever been written about cancer and blackened meat/fish.

Not that it has anything to do with SB, should be fine in re the GI.
i thought that this was only a concern when cooking on charcole. dunno.

Could be, Cinderella. I guess I thought it applied to any charring of food, especially protein. Just was curious if it concerned anyone ... I know blackened food is very popular.
I'm not certain about this, but I think the cancer concern comes from charring food that has been cured with nitrates. Typically, that would be bacon, but not a fresh fish or meat. And not the spices that blacken as talked about here.

My understanding was also that it was the charcoal causing the cancer as well as the lighter fluid...

I thought I had read somewhere it was the smoke and by products of the burning charcoal.
But, I read that so long ago, I am not sure
Just my 2 cents
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