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Full Version: Look For This Bread
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Click on the link, for those of you in the West coast, you can find this at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods
There is a new bakery here in my hometown called GREAT HARVEST. They specalize in STONE GROUND WHOLE WHEAT bread!!!!! I am so excited. It will be wonderful to be able to get FRESH BREAD. The grand opening is tomorrow and I am going to send me DH to get some.


I'll let everyone know what they bake with!
Great Harvest bread is GREAT! That's all we use. The company even offers a whole wheat with added fiber. It has something like 8 grams of fiber A great english muffin to try is Thomas Light Multi-grain. This english muffin has 8 grams of fiber too, even higher than their whole wheat muffin.
Oh boy, Now I am really looking forward to this place. DH promised that he would check it out today (as it is the grand opening). He is also going to our new PETCO. (they have a brand new store with it's grand opening this weekend). Too bad I have to work.. eveything seems be to happening this weekend.

We've had great harvest for years. Good breads.

Look out for the cinnamon rolls. Think Cinnabon with whole wheat swirled. The sugar topping makes these off-limits, but ...


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Well, Tomorrow I am going to go myself as my DH didn't get the chance the other day. Someone said they have great muffins.. I will see. I am looking forward to it because it has been a long time since I ahve been able to have FRESH baked goods..


I am looking for a good bread that can be purchased at local stores for me. I live in MN and the only local stores around me are Cub Foods, Coborns, and we have a Diamond City Bread. Is there a good bread (brand) that I may find? I am having a hard time finding something without sugar in it or honey, etc..?
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