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Full Version: No Crust Strawberry Pie
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Note from molly:
Its Strawberry Season. So take advantage of it and treat yourself to those sweet juicy berries.

I have to tell you that this is one of my most requested recipes! I have taken it evrywhere and people always rave!

If you are looking for a special Father's Day Treat or need to bring a desert to a Gathering try it! You'll have something yummy and legal to share. No one will know it's "diet".

24 oz fresh strawberries
1 pkg SF Cook n'Serve Vanilla Pudding
1 pkg SF Strawberry Jell-o
2 cups water

Rinse and hull the strawberries.
Distribute evenly in a pie plate.

In a saucepan: combine the Jell-o, pudding mix and water. Stir well (I find a whisk gets the clumps out easily) and bring to a full boil.

Pour Jell-o Mixture over the strawberries. Chill for 4-6 hours.

Top with SF Whipped Cream.

Makes one pie.

I am sooo confused about this Pudding Mix thing...the Jell-O brand Sugar Free Pudding Mix lists maltodextrin as the second ingredient, which is illegal. So is it really a good idea to use it in recipes? Or is there another brand that doesn't have maltodextrin in it?
Some people do not have a problem with maltodextrin. I personally do not use it.
Take care,
QUOTE (redfuzzycow @ Jan 28 2006, 05:21 AM)
I am sooo confused about this Pudding Mix thing...the Jell-O brand Sugar Free Pudding Mix lists maltodextrin as the second ingredient, which is illegal. So is it really a good idea to use it in recipes? Or is there another brand that doesn't have maltodextrin in it?

i am very new to the sb woe. how do you know that maltodextrin is illegal? i don't remember seeing that in the book. where can you find other legal/illegal ingredients? i have the sb cookbook and the recent sb book. is there another book that i should get that will tell me all about the diff ingredient? i know that anything with corn, syrup, high fructose, and enriched are bad. what else?

On page 241 of the 1998 version of SB's. I lost my original one so this is the one I have now.

It refers to maltodextrin as a carbohydrate the has a glycemic index that is lower than glucose, but still a carbohydrate. hence, should be consumed in as small amounts as possible.

I personally do not use it as I feel in does affect my insulin in a negative manner.

Good question!

Good luck,

Hi Gang!

I agree with Ed here ... a little goes a long way.
But then I think of desert as a treat ... meaning I don't have it everyday.

When I was a kid (back when people cooked real food and ate at home at the table smile.gif omg - does that make me sound old!) we only had desert on Sundays.

I think we were better off for it. It seems in these days of easily accessible processed foods people have desert at every meal- biggrin.gif

I don't have desert often. I much prefer to have a piece of fresh fruit. It tastes great and my body likes me for it.

But sometimes the occasion calls for something more and I prefer to serve something that fits within the guidelines of my food plan as much as possible so I do have a few desert recipes in my collection.

Frankly I often hesitate to post desert recipes because I am afraid that folks think its free reign to indulge in them because they are "legal".

Personally, I find that I need to be moderate in using them or my weight loss stops dead. I reccomend moderation in how fequently you imbibe.
I guess its something you have to decide for yourself by seeing how it affects your body.

My understanding is that maltodextrin is a very high glycemic sugar alcohol. For me, it really affects my blood sugar levels (more so than table sugar). I think the Sugar Busters shopping guide, which I no longer have, says you can have sugar alcohols as long as a serving contains no more than 10 g. That's a physical nightmare for the body, in my opinion, but ...

In Sugar Bust for Life! With the Brennan's (which was not written by the original authors, but one of the authors, Ellen C. Brennan, is listed as having worked on the original project in some editorial sense ... anyhow, the book and its sequel, functions as a cookbook and correct general overview of Sugar Busters), it's listed as under "Hidden Sugars and Other Unacceptable Ingredients." (Sorry for the long sentence up there! smile.gif )

Maltodextrin, unfortunately, is one of those really bad for you things (IMO) that is being added to EVERYTHING that is otherwise labeled healthy (including processed items for the South Beach Diet, Phase II, which is similar to Sugar Busters) and for all I know the Sugar Busters line of products as well (which I've looked at online but never seen in a store). They sometimes put maltodextrin (as well as actual sucrose) in the little packages of crystallized artificial sweeteners (such as Splenda, Equal, etc.), so you have to look at the label of these if you desire not to eat these ingredients.

They often put maltodextrin in "sugar free" ice cream.

I believe the general consensus of the authors is that these items in small amounts are not a concern, but I disagree with that, especially when it comest to maltodextrin ... why take a chance? smile.gif

You are so right!

I just started having "Sunday Dinner" at our house, about a month ago.

Every Sunday we have 8 people usually. My only problem is them showing up on time! (cold food sucks!)

Here in the Philippines no one shows up on time for anything, (just cultural) last night we told them if they show up late and there is enough food, they can join us, if not, sorry! Sounds mean but, it is annoying to spend hours cooking and guest not being on time,...... somewhat, or not showing up at all!

But, I guess my point was we have a full meal (different menu each week) and dessert, that is the only dessert that I eat all week as well. So, one dessert a week is not a bad thing.

Keep posting those great recipes.

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