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Full Version: Tuna Recipies?
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Does anyone have any good recipies for grilled tuna?


I love good Tuna, the sushi grade ahi if it is available. Around here, that can cost $15 to $20 per pound. I don't grill it bacause my stove top gets so much hotter than my grill, but the same basic technique could be used either place. Just add a little time as needed.

I make a marinade of soy sauce and sesame oil, about 50% each. I place the tuna steaks in this and turn. They only needs about 15 minutes.

I heat the heaviest pan I have, a 12" cast iron one, with peanut oil until the oil is just beginning to smoke. Leaving the heat on high, I put in the tuna steaks, and time them. I only go 60 seconds and then turn over for another 60 seconds. I remove from the pan, cover with foil or plastic wrap for about 4 minutes to let the heat get inside. Don't do more than 4 at a time; you will cool off the pan too much. Instead, do batches if needed. Also, once the fish touches the pan, don't try to move it until it is time to turn. It will brown better and release better this way.



Edited to add the following:

You can also roll in sesame seeds just before cooking for a nice presentation. Either toasted white or a mix of white and black if you can find them.
Well, we don't have ahi around here, so I have to make do with the occasional steaks at the seafood place in the WalMart parking lot. I use my George Foreman grill after brushing the tuna with a little olive oil. Telling you the timing is a bit tricky because I have to base it on the thickness of the steaks. Because the GF cooks hot on both sides, it's usually not more than 2 or 3 minutes, then I take them off and let them rest covered while I make a sauce of a couple of tablespoons of light sour cream, 1 tablespoon of Hellman's mayo, a good squeeze of lemon juice, a couple of twinsts of fresh ground pepper and some capers.

I use the same basic cooking method for fresh, undyed salmon when I can get it.

PS.. the place in the WalMart parking lot gets very good local fresh and saltwater seafood so it's not as horrible as it sounds! biggrin.gif
Thanks... these are very helpful... though I don't know if I can give up using my grill for tuna... I suppose I'll try it in the winter months... nothing else to do here in Canada but experiment with foods I guess... :-) O wait a minute, hockey is coming back this year....

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