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I lost 50 lbs on Sugar Busters and quit. I have gained 25 pounds back in the two years I have been off Sugar Busters. When I was on the diet, carrots were a "No, No." Now I am seeing where they can be eaten raw. Will someone tell me if they are legal and how many can be eaten? That was the one snack item I missed when I was on the diet.
I don't remember what it says... BUT as a personal rule. I only consume them in very small amounts. Like with a roast I might have two pieces whereas before I would have had a large serving of them. I also get them in my mixed salad mix ( but it is a very SMALL amount) as a rule I don't eat a great deal of them, or make them a snack. (But that is just me)
Good news! Carrots are legal. I'm not sure there is a limit, but from what I understand eating them raw keeps the gi count low and cooking them raises it.
I just finished reading the Sugar Busters II book and it still says that carrots should only be eaten in small amounts.
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