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Hey everyone!

I am always looking for new sugar-free recipe books (dessert or otherwise), but sometimes they are hard to find. Thus, I thought that maybe we could get this topic going and you can post the books you like and what makes them so good. I'll start it off...

1) Stevia Sweet Recipes: Sugar Free, Naturally! by Jeffrey Goettemoeller. This book is great if you like Stevia. It has a wide variety of recipes--breakfasts, beverages, breads, salads, sauces, toppings and spreads, main dishes, cookies, cakes, other desserts, pies, frozen desserts, and more. Goettemoeller uses natural ingredients--whole wheat flour, carob, arrowroot powder, oats, nuts and seeds, etc--in every recipe, so you are getting a pretty healthy dessert (as healthy as desserts can be). I highly recommend it.

2) The All-Natural Sugar-Free Dessert Cookbook, by Linda Romanelli Leahy. I've talked this book up in at least 2 other places, and I only just received it in the mail today, haha. It offers a wide variety of dessert recipes, and it usually uses natural ingredients (I plan on subbing in WW flour in some places where she uses regular flour...we'll see if it works when I get there!). It also includes diabetic exchanges and the nutritional info of each recipe (calories, grams of protein, etc). I've only made one recipe, but I highly recommend it so far tongue.gif .
*You can find this book on and places like, but you will not find it in "new" condition because it is out of print or something like that. Anyway, I got it used from Amazon (1 cent, plus 3.99 shipping) and it is in much better condition than I if you are interested in this book, just be aware that you will have to buy it used.

3) It's not a cookbook, but if you read Get the Sugar Out: 501 Simple Ways to Cut the Sugar Out of Any Diet, by Ann Louise Gittleman, some good recipes are mentioned. The book is also helpful in that it, as the title suggests, lists 501 ways to help you kick the sugar habit. I don't plan on using all 501, but I did get a lot of good ideas and suggestions from the book.

If anyone has any other recipe book ideas, espeically those that use WW flours and other natural ingredients, I'd love to hear about them!
Welcome to the board.
I used to look for books before, but there are so many recipes here in the recipe section (mostly from Molly, thanks Molly!) that I dont even look anymore.
Dont know if you have browsed them? But if not take a look.
Take care,
Hi Ed,

Yes, I have browsed them, but I am looking for I figured that people can share their ideas in one place smile.gif.
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