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Full Version: Hi. I Am A Newbie With Quesions
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Hello all. I stumbled across this site and have found it very interesting and helpful. I am looking forward to the motivation to eat and be healthy that this site seems to offer. I am not new to SB though. I did it about 7 years ago and had great results. Lost all of post baby weight and kept it off for quiet some time. I have kept many of the healthy eating habits but have slowly incorporated sugary products back into my diet. Want to get back on the diet to lose about 20 pounds. Last time I did this WOE low carb varieties of most products were difficult to find. Now they seem to be everywhere. So here are the questions........

Does anyone have info on the South Beach frozen meals.....They sound like they would be a good SB option, whole wheat and all but am I missing something? Are there any frozen meals that meet SB standards unsure.gif that any of you are fond of?

Also protein shakes? Are they a good way to get in extra protein or just a good healthy snack/mini-meal? Also, should I not mix protein shake mix with fruit? I sure love those shakes, esp. with mixed berries, but will give them up if needed...It is time to get serious again. I am ready to go back to the hard core WOE but would love to have some healthy sort cuts since I work out of the home now and meal prep can get hectic at times (especially since kids baseball season is starting and we will be at the ballpark several nights a week for the next few months).

Ready to get fit and looking forward to your feed back.
Hi Stacie and welcome to the Board!

Congrats for taking charge of your health!

I occasionally use protein powder for the same reasons you listed. It's a quick meal or snack and tastes good. biggrin.gif I use a Whey Protein (not a huge fan of soy). Mixing protein with fruit is a personal choice. I don't have a problem with it but if you find it causes indigestion or stalls weight loss it may be something to look at.

I don't use many convenience products including frozen meals. The less processed the better. You can make up your own wraps and freeze them for a quick meal. I keep salad fixins washed and cut in the fridge so I can toss together a salad in no time. If I am making chicken I cook and extra piece of chicken and chop that up to have ready to top salad greens. I also freeze leftover soup in portion size containers that I can quickly nuke for a hot steamy lunch.

I'm sure others here will have ideas for you as well.

Thanks for the info. Any tips and short cuts are welcome. Time seems to be my biggest enemy. Thanks.
Planning! Planning! Planning! Once you develop the habit it will get easier. And posting helps ... so take a few minutes to post or at least check in to see what everyone is doing. The support really helps! smile.gif

You can do this!

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