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Full Version: Calling All Southerners...we need recipes!!
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Anyone with any great southern recipes that are "legal" on sugar busters...Please post the fixins' for the vittles here wink.gif !!!!
Well, I'm new here as of this afternoon... haven't really started SugarBusters yet, but it seems like a WOE that I can really live with!

I'm a proud southerner through and through! I grew up on biscuits or cornbread EVERY NIGHT. We thought that people who ate "loaf bread" with a meal were really sick and weird. laugh.gif

However, I think I can still have those southern meals.. my ideas woudl be:

pinto beans
sauteed squash and onions
brown rice


chicken livers (can we have chicken livers?)
brown rice
green beans

How about my "fried" okra.. I just dust it in flour (ok, I'll use WW now), and spray a pan with Pam Olive Oil and then just patiently wait for it to brown ( I even spray the tops of the okra before I turn it). It works really well.

How about Salmon Patties?

2 cans of salmon
2 large eggs
about a 1/2 cup of WW bread crumbs (ok, toast the WW bread and then crumble it up)
1/2 onion

mix it all together and spray a pan with Pam Olive Oil spray, and fry them up! You might have to spray again before turning them.

Have this with wild rice or brown rice, some green beans (ok, once in a while I will have green peas cause my kids won't eat them very often anyway) and maybe some sliced tomatoes.

I think SB is very OK with southern cooking.. I guess I've been cooking SB for a while without knowing it?! However, I do aim to cut out white potatoes, carrots (never liked them much anyway), corn (never cook it anyway), and white rice and white pasta (despite the fact my husband went to Sam's last night and brought home about 3 pounds of the stuff).

Anyway, I'll be glad to post any southern recipes I try that fit SB!
I'm in Greensboro, NC

About the 3 lbs of white flour pasta....

If you have kids or neighbor kids or church kids or ANY kids....

have them glue it to paper in a pretty design, paint them with water colors and spray a sealer on it or glue to a box, spray paint and decopauge.

Sorry, but I had to come up with ways to use that stuff instead of eating it. I'm even using what's left of my 25 lb bag of white flour to make playdough for my little one ( not all at once, just a little at a time biggrin.gif )

Much to my surprise, I find that brown rice is very good, and when you put it in a casserole, such as broccoli and rice, you can't tell the difference between brown and white. I made the old standard broccoli and rice casserole, and it was good. Also, I find that it is absolutely lovely to be able to made good salad dressings. The new thinking, even since Sugar Busters, seems to be that we need to have whole-fat dressings in order to get in the good fats, such as olive and canola oils, that we need.
I make crab omelets using "imitation" crabmeat (much cheaper than the real thing and just as tasty) and serve with a green salad for a quick and inexpensive meal. My recipe (not measured, just "guesstimated" is:

1/2 pound imitation crabmeat (WalMart sells it loose in seafood dept.)
2 stalks celery, 1 small bell pepper, 1 small-med. onion, sauteed.
4 eggs, lightly beaten.
Salt and pepper to taste, or for us Southerners, Tony Cachere's creole seasoning.

Mix all together, then use 1/4 cup measure to drop into hot, greased skillet and cook until brown on either side and egg doesn't ooze out when you lightly mash it with a spatula. Makes 6 nice sized omelets.

Hope you enjoy them. Creolagal.
Fried Cabbage

1 c. chopped bell peppers
1 c. chopped onions
1 head of cabbage ? shredded
or one bag of the ready mix cabbage for slaw?that is what I used last time..saves time.
? tsp. Curry powder
? tsp. Salt
? cup heavy whipping cream
3 tablespoons oil

I heat up the oil and brown the onions and bell peppers
Add the curry powder and salt
Then add the cabbage and stir a little.
Lower the heat to simmer and cover.
Let it cook about 15 minutes or to your liking?stirring occasionally.
After it is done, stir in the cream. It gives it a nice sweet taste.
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