I got this question emailed and thought there might be someone else that needed a pasta recipe, so...

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> I am/was a huge pasta eater. I am new to SB and am curious about
> you homemade pasta. Could you share your recipe. I have the pasta
> maker, but no grinder. Not sure I want to go that far, but can you
> use SGWW pastry flour?


I use fresh ground, but a good ww pastry would probably work fine. Here is the recipe I found. The oil makes a difference. Work the dough good and put through the machine roller at the thickest setting many times. It will finally hold together good and then you can reduce it to setting 3, then 5. I make fettucine with it most of the time. I hang the noodles to dry while I'm finishing it all up and getting my water boiling. Then I drop them in slowly and cook. Keep a close eye on them. They don't take as long to cook as storebought pasta.

Because I don't buy ww pasta, we don't eat nearly as much pasta now that I have to make it from scratch, which is a good thing. I love pasta.

I also used my machine to roll out egg roll wrappers. I used a cookbook recipe for egg roll wrappers and sub'd ww flour. I had a hard time keeping them from tearing, but they fried up good. I used finely chopped cabbage, chicken and onions stir fried with soy, ginger and garlic, then drained very well.

The work involved keeps me from eating egg rolls too often, too! (~8

Have fun

Pasta Dough - Whole Wheat
Yield: 1 Recipe
1 c Whole wheat pastry flour
1 pn Salt
1 ts Olive oil
1/4 c Water
Put it into a mixer with bread hooks or a food processor, and knead until really smooth. I suppose you could also do this by hand, but I haven't tried it!
to add extra flavor, and the recipe suggested that chopped spinach, herbs, or tomato paste could be added.