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Full Version: Sugarless Cookies
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2 tsp. or a bit more of Splenda
3 egg whites (beaten stiff)
1/4 tsp. almond flavoring
3 cups Rick Krispies
1/4 to 1/2 cup coconut

Mix thoroughly and drop by teaspoon on lightly greased cookie sheet.
Bake 12-15 minutes at 350 F. wink.gif wink.gif
sad.gif ... except rice kripies aren't legal.....argh!
Hmmm, wonder if puffed Kashi would change the texture too much??? Maybe toasting it to crunch it up before using it would help?
Oh Rats....sorry did not know that rice cripies were illigal.....darn, but maybe the kasha will work if toasted a bit....Thanks for the info!
Don't forget to use unsweeten coconut too. I had a hard time finding this at first but finally found a bag of it in our local Kroger store.

Somewhere, I have a recipe for maccaroons made with just egg whites and coconut that I used years ago for a SIL who was allergic to flour. Need to hunt it up biggrin.gif
Okay, What's the bottom line here. Has anyone actually tried the recipe with the legal stuff (i.e., sans rice crispies & sweetened cocoanut)?

I'm looking for a good cookie recipe. My FAVORITE cookies not considering the SB no-nos are called "Worlds Fair Cookies," reportedly because they won a prize at the fair. I recall that the primary ingredients are peanut butter, oatmeal, raisins, chocolate chips, brown and white sugar (of course), eggs, and I guess flour (I'm not much of a baker without the recipe in front of me). I'm thinking that I could replace the sugar with Splenda and sugar-free brown sugar (has nutraSweet, I think). I'll have to check on the flour. If it's there, maybe there's a substitute.

Anyway, just a thought. The thing that has me excited is the allowance of peanuts and PB on this WOE, and the relatively new introduction of Splenda, which cooks better than Equal. I can leave out the raisins and chocolate chips, though it seems that I've seen some reference to sugar-free chocolate chips somewhere.

I'll report back on whether I can make these work. In the meantime, any other recipes for good sugarless cookies will be appreciated.
Hey Kate, if you ever find that recipe let me know please, k?


I posted it last night Leslie - took a while to remember where I'd stashed my old recipes biggrin.gif
Ewerhorns are now marketing a cereal called Crispy Brown Rice which is legal and tastes like Rice Crispys. I get is at my local Whole Foods store.


You noted on October 28 that you had posted the cookie recipe the night before, but I can't find it. Help, the cookie monster needs "legal" cookies.

Euharlee, I think you might be looking for the maccaroon recipes. Try a search on them if they don't show up in the main recipe list. If you search on just cookie, I'll bet you'll get lots of choices - got to keep the cookie monster happy!
The cookie monster is happy -- found the recipes and will buy the ingredients tomorrow. Thanks for your help. I've been a heavy (no pun intended) computer user for years, but for some reason I have trouble navigating on this forum.

i just bought puffed brown rice at WalMart this weekend. tastes like rice crispies. i'm going to try this recipe with it.
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